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Insights Faster Than Ever Before

Simply upload your Excel file and get instant insights powered by built-in GPT- 4 

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Easily analyze large Excel file in minutes

Find anomalies and correlation between multiple files

Analyze data from different perspective like sales, marketing and product

Get interactive insights to understand your data better

Enjoy a user-friendly interface, no technical skills required

Ask questions in plain English and get easy to understand answers.

How it Works

Step 1 of how EDA application works

Simply upload an excel file with tabular data and identify your data types.


EDA employs LLM models along with Big Data toolkits to understand your file and its data context.


You can ask suggested questions or type your own questions and get easy to understand insights as reply

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Who can benefit from EZXplore?


Validate and analyze production data and maintenance logs

Cross Platform Sellers

Compare how reviews affect sales across Amazon, Flipkart and more


Explore sales data to analyze markets with better return on ROI

Insurance Brokers

Validate and clean renewal leads, find correlation between premiums

Upcoming EZXplore Features

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Data analysis visually presented with various charts and graphs.

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Virtual assistants (chatbots) utilize NLP & ML for smart automated conversation.

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Enhancing the capacity for data upload

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Expand the range of insights in conversations.


Which file formats does EXZplore accept? 

Is any Technical expertise required to use EXZplore? 

Is there any restriction on the excel file that can be uploaded? 

How do I upload my Excel file and get insights? 

How many insights can I get from my excel file? 

Looking for a more fine-tuned solution?
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